0000 Nowodvorski Outdoor Lighting 2022 catalog

SKU: 0000 Nowodvorski Outdoor Lighting 2022 kataloog

Change and light go hand in hand - day turns into night and night turns into day. The climatically illuminated terrace will become a favorite meeting place with family and friends or an oasis of relaxation in the evening, and the illuminated plants and alleys in your garden will create a fairy-tale scenery around the house.

Today we are shining the light on… changes - on our new visual identification. Modern. Eye-catching. Like our lighting. In one symbol we wanted to capture what our clients and partners appreciate the most: the possibility of creating more cozy interiors, but also open spaces around buildings, magical gardens, atmospheric restaurant zones as well as unforgettable light arrangements on the buildings themselves.

We invite you to a world where you create lighting, not just install it.


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